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shaniece hairston- creating her own path

Shaniece Hairston is not only the daughter of Reality Star and TV Personality, Evelyn Lozada, she is a rising starlet ON THE VERGE of blazing her own path.  Today's ON THE VERGE talent-SHANIECE HAIRSTON.

Lenell: We all know you as the eldest daughter of reality superstar, Evelyn Lozada, but who is Shaniece Hairston?

Shaniece: That's hilarious. I am still trying to figure that out. I think that I am a young woman with an old soul, as my mom likes to say. Every year I figure out something new about myself . I am a good friend and a good daughter. Yet overall, I just want to strive to be a good person and do the things that I am passionate about

Lenell: Where did you grow up originally?

Shaniece: I was born in the bronx and we moved to Miami when I was going to high school . From there , we eventually moved to Los Angeles when it was time for me to go to college. I was stuck in between choosing LA or NY , but I picked LA obviously not for the college but for the boys . (lol)

Lenell: Did the Bronx prepare you for life in LA?

Shaniece: Absolutely.I remember my childhood and going to my grandmother's house . My family is heavily rooted there. It has made my skin thicker. I also have a young mom. That in itself is a different dynamic; and that entire experience has prepared me for life as I know it today. 

Lenell: It's obvious that you have your mom's good looks. Was it a natural transition for you to go into fashion and entertainment ? Or did you have other career goals instead?

Shaniece:  I did not want to go into entertainment . I love apparel , and I knew I wanted to do something with clothes. I attended school for Merchandise Marketing and later moved. As far as being on reality tv, I initially said no to it at first. 

That's why you should say never say never. Maybe, because I watched the show that my mom was on and I kind of shied away from it. I wasn't receptive towards it. However, we can say that we are not going to do something, but if we are meant to do it , we will.

Lenell: Prior to your appearance on Basketball Wives, did your mother prep you on what to expect? Based off that experience how were you able to deal with the criticism and backlash?

Shaniece: It's so funny, because I get more upset if they say something about my mom rather than f they say something about me. In regards to myself, I don't really take it too personal . I am also not big into reading everyone's comments . It's sad , because if someone is saying something mean you don't really want to read it. I try not to make it apart of my day life. 

  Lenell: Outside of how the show is edited, if you had your way, what would you like for people to take away from the show?

Shaniece: I would like for people to see my genuine self . When I was on the show,  I felt like I have to be genuine. No one was telling me this, but when you watch the show, everyone is little more flamboyant , a little more talkative. You have to put on that personality and I am not that good at acting. That type personality doesn't come naturally. I just wanted to stick with being my genuine self. I think I succeeded at that . If I am not my true self, it would come across obvious and that would make me look a lot worse.

 Lenell: Would you ever consider doing your own show, where you see children of legacy , children of celebrity, like Growing Up Hip Hop LA?

Shaniece: I won't say never. I honestly don't know , it would be based around who I am filming with . However, I am open to doing more TV. I would like to have it focus on what I want to achieve in life- like with the clothing line. 

Lenell: Congratulations on your recent product endorsements and clothing line. Tell us about that and any other projects you are working on.

Shaniece: The line is actually a collaboration with 602, which is a branch of Footlocker. They called me about a year ago this month. They wanted to do 5 collaborations and I was one of the Influencers that they chose. This is the call that I have been waiting for !

I am happy that I did end up doing the show (Basketball Wives) because if it wasn't for the show they would have never known that I was interested in clothes and fashion. Everything happens for a reason. We just launched on August 24 and it's in all the SIX 02 stores nationwide. It's going really well, I am happy about it. It's my first experience with it, and I want to do more. 

Lenell: Any other projects?

Shaniece: I am transitioning. I am signing with a new talent agency , trying to do more Influencer things. I am moving forward with everything new and fresh. I am super excited . 

Lenell: Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?

Shaniece: I want to continue doing things that I enjoy and make a living out of my interests which is a lot easier to do now. I always said that I would have kids before 30 , so we will see if that happens. I want to keep on doing what I am doing now but on a larger scale.

Lenell: How can your fans keep in touch with you?

Shaniece: Yes, you can follow me on Twitter @ShanieceH and on Instagram @-ShanieceH,